​Can I claim private health insurance ?


Absolutely. Fastest way to do it - bring your insurance card, swipe and claim, then you only need to pay the gap fee. Otherwise I can always email you the invoice and claim by yourself later.


What are your hours?

I do not put up my hours because I want to enjoy sole trader's flexibility.    But as a guideline I work Tue - Sat .  Sunday and Monday are my days off.  Click                                  for availability. 

Relaxing Massage

Do you do relaxation massage?

I can, but relaxation massage is not my speciality. For the best outcome maybe  it's a better idea to try other places.


Why do I feel sore on the following day?

That is because a huge amount of problematic muscle and facia fibres were treated. During and after a treatment, the healing process has already kicked in along with positive hormone secretion: dopamine, serotonin, endorphins etc.  That is where " No pain and no gain' come from. Remedial massage sometime will make you feel that you had a good gym workout. 

There has been studies saying,  non-activated trigger point or sore spots can be activated after a remedial massage.  It's not the massage created a problem, rather than surfacing a problem.

Of course, each individual has different pain threshold, plus everyone has their own conditions. To minimise pain and maximise gain, when treating, I repeatedly asking my patient questions: Is the pressure OK, Do you want more or less, How do you feel ... 

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Do you do feet massage / reflexology ?

I am not reflexology trained. There are only two main muscles: flexor digitorum brevis and quadratus plantae in the middle of your sole that I can work on. Most of the time when people having discomfort with their feet, their lower leg muscles would be tight. And that is where I can fit in. 


Follow the picture and try the calf length test, see how are your calves doing.  Depending on your hight, leave 10cm gap between wall and toes of your front foot. The other leg and foot should stay behind and support your body.  Can your knee cap touch the wall without lifting your heal ? If you are struggling then we can say your calves are tight. 


Do you provide strong deep tissue massage?

Yes, I can.  There are a couple of things in this question need to be explained.

1.  If I can find problematic muscles or sore spots, juts a gentle touch could cause you a lot of pain and soreness. 

2. Strong - Massage therapist is dealing with human body and flesh. I would rather say I am a remedial/therapeutic massage therapist instead of STRONG massage therapist. Depending on which part of body used, the pressure will increase : fingers and thumb - knuckles - assisting with another hand - both hands and upper body weight - elbow meaty part - elbow bony part - elbow with my upper body weight - elbow, upper body weight plus my clinching teeth - did I mention I can ask you to shorten and lengthen some of your muscles to increase the feeling?  

Now you can see, there is always more than enough power and pressureI can give.  The problem is are you Iron Man?  One of the funny story from a patient:  Miss A was stressed due to an upcoming uni exam, so she decided to treat herself with a so called deep tissue massage before the exam day.  On the following day, she found out there were quite a few bruises on her back and really sore.  This pre-exam de-stressing treat made her even more stressed on the exam day.

When Miss A told me the story, I asked her " why didn't you say anything during the massage? "  The reply was " I think the harder the better and I can really feel the massage therapist was working hard."

I would rather you feel annoyed because I keep asking how's the pressure, instead of having a bone crushing or skin polishing session.


What is the difference between your massage and a massage from massage parlours ?

1. I am a fully qualified remedial massage therapist with a 1 year full time Diploma of Remedial Massage Degree. One of the hardest unit in the course is " Anatomy ".  I know my anatomy and that is  why when you come in with your discomfort, I can quickly locate which muscle is causing the problem and massage accordingly. 

2. Remedial massage therapist is categorised as allied health professionals (ANZSIC 8539) along with Clinical Psychology, Dietician, Podiatry and Occupational Therapy Service etc.

3. I provide high standard service tailored to each individual's need.  Surely there are many great remedial massage therapist working in the massage parlours, but the question is how many times do you have to try to find a good one.

Most importantly, remedial massage therapist is capable of  performing assessment to locate problematic muscles and provide treatment plan. In layman's language, I know what muscles should be massaged and how to massage them effectively. 


Wha's the difference between Remedial Massage vs Myotherapy vs Chiropractor vs Physiotherapy vs Osteopath

Remedial and myotherapy both only focusing on muscle problem. Remedial massage is a one year full time study , but RMIT offering it during  a 1.5 year period.  Remedial massage therapist can apply myo study which is another 1 year full time course. But under current curriculum structure MIMT( Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy & Myotherapy) provides this 1 day per week, 8 months long course. And interestingly it still  is qualified as a 1 year full time course. 

Two myotherapist who are senior remedial massage instructors at Holmesglen TAFE claimed both remedial and myo would be doing exactly same thing towards manual handling.  1 year myotherpy study  would surely broaden the anatomy knowledge, plus cupping and dry needling are included in the study. Whereas, remedial massage therapist need to gain their cupping and dry needling certificate from other short courses. 

Chiropractor: 5 institutions in Australia are offering Chiropractic Qualifications. 


                           ABC program 04:11 Chiropractors

Osteopath3 institutions offer this degree in Australia 

 Physiotherapy  is largely recognised by modern medicine. They are the expert for rehabilitation.